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TMJ Disorders 3D Animation Video

The Temporo-mandibular Joint is the joint of the jaw which we commonly refer to as the TMJ. The TMJ enables movement of your jaw when you eat your food and of course when you talk and sing. It is one of the most commonly used joints in the body. TMJ disorder is a general term that refers to the pain or discomfort in the temporo-mandibular joint area. It is a very painful condition which involves the jaw joint and the muscles surrounding it.

TMJ Disorders 3D Animation

TMJ Disorders Video

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Your Practice Online has created a patient education video to explain about disorders of TMJ. Utilizing text, voice, images, and animations, patients can learn about the normal tooth anatomy, types of TMJ disorders, common causes and risk factors for developing TMJ disorders. The video continues by explaining the various conservative treatment options as well as surgical options along with the risks and complications associated with dental surgery.

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