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  Medical Web Serives - Surgeons, Doctors Website Development To connect the Medical Professionals world-wide, to improve the quality of healthcare and to discover innovative methods for employing Information technology in the practice of medicine.

Your Practice Online provides a total solution for the development of your practice's Internet strategy.

Medical Web Development

For most of your visitors, your web site will provide the all-important first impression of your practice. If it is clean and professional, chances are they'll stay and look around a bit.

Whether you want to market your practice, educate your patients - or do a little of both - we can help you develop a site that meets your goals. With our focus on health care and library of animated surgeries and anatomy to our credit, we are uniquely qualified to put your practice or organisation in the world wide web.

Creating and maintaining an effective online presence requires careful planning, structured implementation, and a variety of skills in new and unfamiliar disciplines. Your Practice Online blends design, technology and marketing expertise to create a web presence that delivers the results you are looking to receive. Our talented web designers collaborate with our technology group to create a personalized web site that is graphically superior and functionally sound. We will create the "look and feel" that your practice wants to project to the Internet world, and will work with you to develop compelling content that will capture your viewer's attention. Before you know it, Your Practice Online will turn your web vision into reality.

Our Web development service package include domain name registration, Web hosting, e-mail accounts & e-mail forwarding to existing accounts, registration with all the major search engines, all programming and navigational functionality.

We will help enhance your web presence by constructing an image of success.

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Multimedia Health Education

Multimedia is creating a dynamic, visual presentation that catches your audience's attention and maintains their interest throughout the presentation. Multimedia integrates Audio and Video content and delivers maximum user experience.

Why Multimedia?

  • Replace or augment printed brochures
  • Our animated operations, conditions and anatomies can enhance your website's image and improve the practice-patient relationship through education.
  • Say and show much more than a flat printed brochure can demonstrate your practice
  • Easy to change and update as you add services or information.

Your Practice Online's combination of health professionals and the multimedia team, have produced a variety of animated and interactive presentations. Click here to see some of our presentations.

Our Multimedia team can handle all of your media needs from Logo to Log-on. Whether you need logo design, a web site, a CD-ROM presentation or a full-blown corporate-identity package, which includes Instructional or training CD-ROMs, Practice Catalog CD-ROMs, Practice Manual CD-ROMs and Promotional CD-ROMs. We have all the solutions for your needs.

Our Multimedia team can enable your presentations in Power point, Flash, 3D Studio Max, Director, Author ware.

Click here to visit our multimedia showcase.

Medical Web Promotion

Web Promotion is the process of making your web site and its address known to those who might be interested in what your site has to offer. Web promotion is online and offline. Online basically means getting links from other sites to yours - usually search engines and directories. Offline means using traditional media such as print and broadcast, or speaking at conferences, etc.

We will have your website registered with 1000 search engines, including Yahoo, AOL, MSN, excite, Go2Net, Go Network, Lycos, Ask Jeeves, Northern Light, Snap, NBCi, and many more! To make your registration results even more valuable our proprietary technology enables your site to be re-registered monthly with all 1000 search engines, directories, web rings, etc. to increase your placement position with the site.

The submission process may be completed manually or automated with software. Your Practice Online uses both methods depending on the site content, purpose, and previous success achieved using software submission.

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