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Orthopaedics videos

3D Lumbar Discectomy Surgery Animation Video

Lumbar Discectomy is a surgical procedure to alleviate severe pain and disability resulting from the compression of spinal nerves from a herniated disc. A herniated disc causes the disc contents to bulge out impeding on other spinal structures causing pain.

Discectomy movie

3D Lumbar Discectomy Surgery Animation Video

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Your Practice Online's 3D video is an excellent patient education tool for prospective surgical patients. The video uses text, voice, images, and 3D animation to visually explain spine anatomy, the conditions that may require Lumbar Discectomy, and the diagnostic tests involved. 3D animation, voice, and text are used to explain the surgical steps of a Lumbar Discectomy as well as the post operative precautions and risks and complications.

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