Our Mission

The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can't read them. -- Mark Twain

Indeed, the medical resources that can be found on the Internet are virtually limitless, changing and improving every day. It would be impossible for a doctor to keep abreast of this continuing evolution, unless he or she was willing to devote many hours every day to finding and visiting new Internet sites in order to assess their relevance to his or her practice. Few doctors can afford this kind of time investment. Cognos Infotech's purpose in designing Your Practice Online was therefore to save them countless hours of fruitless browsing while providing them with a comfortable and friendly environment from which to derive the most value from the Internet and the World Wide Web.

'Your Practice Online' realize that by providing online forums and virtual notice boards and meeting places, health professionals will be able to share their expertise and promote their work in real time.

By leveraging the vast potential of the Internet 'Your Practice Online' provides a further stepping stone in the delivery of best clinical practice and increased quality of life for patients.